Wow, what a year.

Cynthia in a pink sun dress, knitting on a deep red stained deck, with Lake Bras d'Or in the background.

Wow, what a year.

I know you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging too much. I’m much more active on the Canadian Guild of Knitters’ Facebook page. Facebook is faster to use and more WYSIWIG (What you see is what you get) than blogging.

Still, having a blog post put up periodically is one way I can make sure visitors to the site know that I’m still rolling along.

Days after my last blog post, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, and that caused a flurry of worry and action that took us right through to the first of May. Dad is doing well now, regaining his strength after chemo and dealing with the grief he had to postpone when his health needs took over!

A tortoiseshell cat curled up with her back paws stretched out into the foreground. She's laying on a red sofa with a cone of green, red and white variegated yarn by her back paws. In the background is a multi-tone blue afghan in a rippling knitting pattern.

My foster cat Betsy, curled up with a cone of yarn in front of the Shining Seas Lapgha

I have continued working with the street cat rescue organizations.  This year I have fostered Abby, who was adopted fairly quickly, and Betsy, a tortoiseshell who is currently up for adoption.

In A Needle Pulling Thread, I wrapped up my series about joining yarns, and made a workshop out of it. In the “Finding Yourself” issue (No. 47) I created a pillow from a pure cotton yarn.

Three pairs of mittens on a beige background. The centre pair is red, and about 3" [7.5cm] long. The pair on each side are in a variegated gold yarn, and the whole pair only measure about 3" across [7.5cm] All have "idiot" strings.

The original pattern makes the red ones. My adaptation makes the tiny little gold ones!

Issue 48 will be an ornaments issue. Look for my Miniature Sweater Gift Card Holder which also doubles as a Christmas ornament. I also talk about miniaturizing an existing pattern using a free mitten pattern from Red Heart.

This summer I got heavily into my stitching passion. I attended the Embroidery Association of Canada Seminar in Charlottetown PEI. I met my boyfriend after the conference and we enjoyed three nights on Cape Breton Island, followed by two nights in Quebec City. We had a wonderful time, and it was great to be back along the coast! Parks Canada has been replacing bridges up on the Cabot Trail. If you haven’t been for a while, you should go!  The photo at the top of this post was taken at Bras d’Or Lake, near North Sydney, where we stayed.

On, I’ve posted free patterns for a child’s tunic, during my week reviewing Papyrus, a seafarer’s scarf during my week reviewing Major, a fluffy, bulky yarn, and next month I’ll be reviewing an acrylic/merino/alpaca yarn called Finn. Look for the Finn posts to go live the third week in November.

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