Time to say Goodbye

Cynthia, dressed in a floral rain jacket, knitting on a deck overlooking the channel where Bras D'Or Lake empties into the Atlantic Ocean

Time to say Goodbye

Change has been in the wind for me for the past several years, and, despite the creation of a new logo earlier this year, a number of factors have led me to restructure parts of my life, including Canadian Guild of Knitters.

I began CGK in August, 2002, with the hope of connecting knitters to knitting information and each other.

However, when faced with raising prices for the first time in 10 years, I concluded that the risks outweigh the rewards, and it was time to move on.

This website will remain for the immediate future, as will the Knitting Accreditation Program. Eventually both will be transitioned over to my design endeavour, Knit Together Design Studio.

Knit Together will also live on in the pages of A Needle Pulling Thread, where I will also continue to share my knitting technical knowledge. Please continue to support this lovely, Canadian publication!

The Campaign for Wool Knit Along will still go ahead this year, too. Although the CGK prizes won’t be offered our other vendors have created wonderful prizes again this year, so join us for that, too, won’t you?

Current members (as of July 15, 2022) who are enrolled in Level 1 or 2 of the Knitting Accreditation Program can send their materials in for evaluation until the expiry date of their membership for evaluation under the current arrangement. After that, there will be a fee for evaluating the materials in lieu of the membership requirement.

Finally, I’m glad that I’ll continue to serve the knitting community. Canadian Guild of Knitters truly has been a labour for the Love of Knit! That tag line was no accident. It has been my pleasure to serve all of you, especially those with two and three digit membership numbers. You were with me for the long haul!

Knit on, my friends.

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