This day wasn’t supposed to be the day

Bonnie, holding up her hands to show a pair of hand knit fingerless mitts in beige yarn

This day wasn’t supposed to be the day

It was the day of the eclipse. It wasn’t supposed to be a day of such sorrow. But we don’t get to choose, and on August 21, 2017, Canadian Guild of Knitters suffered another, greater loss.

Bonnie wearing a red mohair shawl, standing in a booth with CGK's original knitted sign.

We had good times at the KW Fairs!

Bonnie MacDougall, Cynthia’s mother, passed away on August 21. She was one of Canadian Guild of Knitters’ staunchest supporters. Some of you met her at the shows we did between 2003 and 2007 in Kitchener and Toronto.

Bonnie was a knitter, crocheter, and embroiderer whose love of craft came to her through her mom, Stella. That love was passed directly on to her eldest daughter (me), as was her love of writing. Bonnie encouraged me to start Canadian Guild of Knitters. We enjoyed long chats about all kinds of topics, including upcoming articles and designs. I’m going to miss those chats and so much more.

August 21, 2017. This was not supposed to be the day. But it was.

Thank you for understanding as we work through this difficult time.


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  • Jessica-Jean

    I know it’s late, but I offer my condolences.
    Losing loved ones, especially parents, is hard enough, and going through the Christmas holidays, birthdays, everything – it’s hard and I don’t think it gets any easier as time passes. This is the 21t holiday season since my parents’ deaths. Not much joy of the season!

    Keep well, and keep those needles clicking!

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