The rewards of the Knitting Accreditation Program

A table covered with materials - a binder with samples, pages of evaluation forms, and packaging material

The rewards of the Knitting Accreditation Program

One of the great rewards of Canadian Guild of Knitters is marking the work of the Knitting Accreditation Program participants.

Today,  I had the pleasure of marking a member’s Level 1 material. I forgot to take a photo of her work before I repackaged it (and I wouldn’t post such here without her permission), but the comments she shared in her summary of her work on the course were, to a “T”, what I had hoped for when I sat down to write Level 1 in 2003.

Since that date, hundreds of Canadian Guild of Knitters members have purchased Level 1 and Level 2 packages, and a few dozen have successfully completed their levels.

Quote from KAP participant on a blue background

“To actually make the samples, to step away from the old ‘I know that’ and to have a book full of examples of what I ‘know’ is a gift and a treasure….I find myself treating this ‘little hobby’ with more respect and a great deal more care. Projects are getting done, or if need be, undone. They are not being just set aside.” – I. Kellins

A few members have commented about the way they organized their samples:

“I kept a journal of my exercises, which helped me to see my progress.”

“Place each swatch in a ziplock bag with a note for the exercise number and additional details such as needle size, number of stitches, and rows.”

Every participant organizes their notes and samples differently, and that’s perfectly alright — the course was designed so that, as much as possible, participants can work through the program in the way that suits them best.

The program also offers flexibility by allowing participants to combine some exercises with others — for example, cast ons and cast offs can be incorporated with other exercises, such as the slip stitch or ribbing samples.

This program is available exclusively to knitters who have a current Canadian Guild of Knitters membership.

Almost every time I mark a participant’s material, I am rewarded to see the quality of their work, or the creativeness of their inspiration board, or the insightfulness of their observations. But more, I am rewarded to see comments like those in the graphic that show that THEY are also seeing rewards of the work they have done!



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