Almost everyone I know dreads doing paperwork, and, after spending 38 years in an office environment, I’m no exception.

But, if I can make a true confession, there’s little more satisfying than having updated recent membership renewals and seeing a nice stack of mail on the front step, ready to go. (Well, there is one thing better — taking the blocking wires out of a new shawl and watching it float in the air!)

A spotlight highlighting a welcome letter, with a member card, newsletter and magazine peeking out from below.

Every new member receives a welcome letter, membership card, newsletter, and the current or a recent issue of A Needle Pulling Thread.

Today was one of those days where I got to see the satisfaction of the stack of mail by the door.

People sometimes wonder what they get when they join Canadian Guild of Knitters. Here’s a photo:

In a Murphy’s law type of thing, I find that every time I catch up on my memberships, a few new ones arrive in either the post box or the inbox. (A lot of our members are now using PayPal to renew and order their Knitting Accreditation Program Levels.)

So, if this pattern continues, there will be a few envelopes when I get to the post office tomorrow with today’s output.

Of course, it’s also renewal time, which means there will be more renewals coming in, and it’s tax time, so the paperwork isn’t over yet. (Is it ever?)

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