Knitting Accreditation Program

Members of Canadian Guild of Knitters have exclusive access to our Knitting Accreditation Program (KAP). This five level course is an in-depth, correspondence-style knitting program that encourages self-study and research through various resources. There is no time limit to complete a level, however participants must have a current membership in order to purchase a level, and they must also have a current membership when they submit their work for evaluation.

Level 1 covers basic techniques, cast on, cast off, knit and purl stitches – and combinations of them, including ribbing and slip stitches. Basic shaping is presented through the use of increases and decreases. Colour work is introduced by way of horizontal stripes, and basic garment shaping is presented.

Level 2 expands on the basic techniques studied in Level 1 with additional cast ons, cast offs, increases, and decreases. Textured knitting is expanded through twisted and crossed stitches. Colour techniques are expanded with the introduction of stranded knitting, and the concept of eyelets pave the way for lace knitting. Garments for extremeties are presented.

Level 3 continues the topics studied in Level 2, by expanding twisted stitches into cables, and eyelets into lace. Decorating knitting is introduced, as is adjusting patterns to make the participant more familiar with substituting yarn and more comfortable with making patterns fit. In this level, participants are asked to draft a pattern for a simple-shaped piece such as a hat, mittens, socks, or a tea cozy.

Level 4 focuses on fitting and garment details such as plackets, pockets, and collars. Complex knitted fabrics (brioche, mosaic, tweeds) are sampled. Participants are to use their knitting knowledge and imagination to complete their exercises. Originality and inventiveness are encouraged. The independent design of this Level is to be a complex design incorporating techniques studied in the Level.

Level 5 is an optional level, in which the participant chooses an area of study and creates an original design and essay on the topic which would be suitable for publication. Successful completion of Level 5 adds a specialist designation to the KAP certificate.