A sad month at CGK

Zoey, curled up, looking right at the camera, with two afghans behind her; one black and white, and one rainbow-hued.

A sad month at CGK

Goodbyes are hard. They’re even harder when the goodbye is to a sweet thing that has four paws, and has enveloped your heart for 12 years.

Zoey was CGK’s mascot from 2005-2017. ¬†She was my sunshine for that whole time. She took ill in November, and we had to say goodbye to each other on December 19.

I have so many memories and photos of “my little girl.” I’m kind of speechless, right now, so the rest of this post is going to be a photo album of her in memory.

Zoey, standing on a verge of snow, in a purple variegated yarn dog coat

I designed and made this coat for her from leftovers of my matching poncho

Zoey sitting in an apple basket, with her chin resting on the handle, and her paws below it, with yarn peeping out from under her

One night, Zoey curled up in a basket of yarn I’d purchased in Nova Scotia (2005 or 2006)

Envelopes on a hardwood floor with the flaps open, and Zoey's chin resting on the stack

Zoey was very patient at mailing time. Here, she’s fallen asleep on a stack of envelopes that haven’t been sealed for mailing. (2008 or 2009)



Zoey tucked under flowered blankets and on top of a pink sheet.

Oh, she could make me laugh! Here she is with a super case of bed head! (before 2008)









Goodbye, my Ming Princess, Miss Melon, my bestest girl.



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