Canadian Guild of Knitters ceased operation effective July 31, 2022. Cynthia will continue to serve the knitting community through her feature articles in A Needle Pulling Thread, magazine and her designs for Knit Together Design Studio.

The Knitting Accreditation Program will continue to be offered through Knit Together Design Studio, and can still be purchased from this site.


Knitting Accreditation Program

Members of Canadian Guild of Knitters have exclusive access to our Knitting Accreditation Program (KAP).

This five level course is an in-depth, correspondence-style knitting program that encourages self-study and research through various resources.

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Need more help?

Book a video Skype Session with Cynthia for one-on-one help or for your study group working through the KAP.

Free Patterns

Everyone likes to receive a gift! Download our free blanket pattern and start knitting. For more free patterns, click here.

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