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Knitting Accreditation Program

Level 2 Now Available

Level 2 was released in November, 2014. It builds on the basic techniques learned in Level 1 and it looks at more advanced techniques such as colour stranded knitting, and crossing stitches. Garment construction is studied in the form of hats, socks, and mittens. Charted knitting is also introduced. Levels of the Knitting Accreditation Program are available exclusively to members of Canadian Guild of Knitters.

Participation in each level of the Accreditation Program requires the participant to have a current Canadian Guild of Knitters membership at the time the level materials are purchased and at the time the materials are submitted for evaluation. 

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About the levels:

Level 1

Level 1 covers basic techniques, cast on, cast off, knit and purl stitches and combinations of them, including ribbing and slip stitches. Colour by way of horizontal stripes are introduced, and basic garment shaping is presented.

Level 2

Level 2 expands on the techniques studied in Level 1. Textured knitting is studied through twisted stitches and cables. Colour techniques are expanded upon with stranded knitting and lace work concepts introduced in the form of eyelet/yarn over patterns. Pattern reading will be studied at a more complex level.

Level 3

In this level more focus will be put on decoration of knitting. The participant will start to enhance plain pieces with embroidery and duplicate stitch, decorative edges and applique. Colour work will be further studied and lace skills will be expanded by the introduction of every-row patterning.

Pattern alterations will be reviewed to make participants more comfortable with making yarn substitutions and adjusting patterns to fit.

At the end of this level the participant will draft a pattern for a simple shaped piece such as baby booties; a bonnet or hat for a baby, child or adult; socks; mittens; or a tea cozy.

Level 4

In a way, this level is an introduction to the specialist level. Levels 1 to 3 covered the techniques used in 80-90 percent of knitting projects. In Level 4, focus is placed on garment fitting and other design elements such as plackets, pockets and collars. Complex knitted fabrics are sampled.

Level 4 participants will use their base of knitting knowledge and add a hearty helping of imagination to complete the exercises. Originality and inventiveness are encouraged.

The "independent design" project of this course is a complex design incorporating at least three of the techniques studied in the level.

Level 5

The objectives in this level are to study a traditional style of knitting, prepare a written composition from research on the subject complete with a bibliography, and design and knit a garment of original design based on the selected subject.

The tradition can be a national or regional tradition such as the Nordic sweaters of Scandinavia or the Aran sweaters of Ireland, or it can be a garment tradition such as baby clothes, socks or lace. A project board, garment and finished pattern for your original design are to be submitted.

Throughout the levels new methods of cast on, cast off, i-cord and stitch patterns are introduced, and the participant is encouraged to look up options for thier own interest. Samples are worked for most of the exercises in each level. These may be mounted in a notebook, or some may be worked to a uniform size of the participant's choosing to result in an afghan. Each level requires some documentation prepared in the participant's own style. An an independent project is also required for each level to further demonstrate many of the techniques studied during the level.

The Knitting Accreditation Program is copyrighted by Canadian Guild of Knitters.


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