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About Us    

Guild Colours

The colours of Canadian Guild of Knitters are blue and yellow or gold: blue representing the sea and skies that embrace Canada and golden yellow representing the sun, growth, optimism and the wealthy knitting tradition of Canada.

Our Logo

Our current logo was designed in 2007. The closed circular needle represents Canada's circle of knitters. The three hearts represent not only a love of knitting, but three generations of knitters: past, present, and future. Our tag line "for the Love of Knit" was derived from our three hearts and the often-used phrase "for the love of it."

Who We Are

Cynthia MacDougall is a 30-year plus knitter taught to knit by her grandmother. A full-time secretary, she has written articles for Canadian fibre and craft magazines, and edited the newsletter for her local spinning guild for several years. Cynthia contributed a design to the book Kids'Knitted Sweaters and More and she published a quarterly magazine called Knit Together for seven years. She is currently a contributing author to A Needle Pulling Thread and the administrator for Canadian Guild of Knitters. In 2005 she launched level 1 of the Knitting Accreditation Program, and she anticipates launch of Level 2 of this five-level program in early 2013.

Cynthia has developed several workshops: "Project Boards: The Creative You", which ties in with the project boards of the Knitting Accreditation Program; "Shawl Construction - From Fibre to Finish", a study of shawl shapes and the materials used to make them; and a series of shawl workshops that break down shawl construction in more detail. Upcoming workshops include one about steeking, and one that will cover cast ons and cast offs.

Zoey is CGK's mascot and writing buddy.  Her job is to remind Cynthia to take a break from the computer every once in a while, and her ability to determine dinnertime is second to none.


It is our belief in the viability of a knitting guild for Canada that has brought us to this point. We value what a guild can bring to our craft, and hope you will share that vision with us!

Our goal is to educate knitters...for the love of knit!



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